KDD and Data Mining

Your capabilities for collecting and storing data are outpacing your abilities to analyze, summarize and extract "knowledge" from this data. Database technology has provided you with efficient storage and data lookup but you need intelligent tools to help you discover useful patterns in your data.

Data visualization and analysis

Voluminous data sets make impossible the use of spread-sheets and ad-hoc queries. We help you make your decisions at a glance with custom designed graphic representations and data summaries. We apply classical statistics to compute trends and spreads in your data.

Discovery of informative patterns

Models facilitate data visualization and data summaries, informative pattern discovery and data cleaning. We apply machine learning techniques to model your data. We help you make the right decisions with the help of a statistical expert system that extracts useful, informative patterns of data.
Automatically eliminate "bad" data with our data cleaning tools.

Data warehousing and retrieval

We partner with database specialists to address the data management problems of our customers. This includes installing databases and designing schemas as well as making data available on-line. We also partner with information retrieval specialists to install state-of-the-art search tools to query your data.


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