JMLR Special Topic on Gesture Recognition

First call for papers
Deadline August 30, 2011

The Journal of Machine Learning Research is pleased to announce a new special topic on gesture recognitions.
Papers relevant to this topic may be submitted to the journal. Please also send email to the guest Editors with your paper number at  gesture@ clopinet . com.

We invite contributions relevant to gesture recognition, including:
-    Algorithms for gesture and activity recognition, in particular addressing
    o    Learning from unlabeled or partially labeled data
    o    Learning from few examples per class, and transfer learning.
    o    Continuous gesture recognition and segmentation
    o    Deep learning architectures, including convolutional neural networks
    o    Gesture recognition in challenging scenes, including cluttered/moving backgrounds or moving cameras, or scenes where multiple persons are present.
    o    Integrating information from multiple channels (e.g., position/motion of multiple body parts, hand shape, facial expressions).
-    Data representations
-    Applications pertinent to the workshop topic, such as involving:
    o    Video surveillance
    o    Image or video indexing and retrieval
    o    Recognition of sign languages for the deaf
    o    Emotion recognition and affective computing
    o    Computer interfaces
    o    Virtual reality
    o    Robotics
    o    Ambiant intelligence
    o    Games
-    Datasets and benchmarks

The papers of the special topic of JMLR will also be reprinted as a book in the CiML series of Microtome.

Guest Editors: Isabelle Guyon and Vassilis Athitsos

gesture@ clopinet . com.