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Isabelle Guyon

955 Creston road
Berkeley, CA 94708, USA
1+ (510) 524-6211


My Projects:

Pattern Classification and Machine Learning:

Biometrics, Genomics, Proteomics and Cancer research:

Handwriting Recognition and Pen Computing:

Organization of workshops and challenges

                        CHALLENGES IN MACHINE LEARNING

Some of my friends:

Former advisors and research directors

Former students

Colleagues and collaborators


My tools:

My family:

My family comes from France, except my husband Bernhard who comes from Switzerland.
Here are the two of us the day of our wedding in Zuerich.
I live in Berkeley, California, with my husband and three children. For more family pictures, we have a BIG album.
The rest of my family lives in Paris, France.
I am often on the phone with my mother Denise. She studied architecture and became a real estate agent. I hear more rarely about my father Jean who does not like calling or writing. He is an architect. On the picture, he is shown in his country house near Paris, with his second wife Anita, my niece Solene and my grand-mother Madeleine Lizer, who was a painter.
My sister Alice is a biologist and a poet. On the picture she is shown with my grand-father on my mother side: Maurice Passy. She has now a large family. My brother Olivier is web designer and Rock-and-Roll guitar player.


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